BirthdayDecember 0, 1913

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  1. About John Paris

    Full name: John Paris
    Also known as: John Paris, Paris, John
    Professions: Actor, Composer, Music Department

  2. John Paris Biography

    John Paris (born 1968) is a drummer, saxophonist, arranger, songwriter and electric guitarist and since 2001 has been the drummer for the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Paris currently plays and endorses Drum Workshop Drums and Sabian Cymbals.John has also composed and performed songs for the indie released Gruvdisciples, "Move It On" CD produced by Loud Sunday Music. He has also worked with Bob Dylan, Jimmy Cliff, Waymon Tisdale, Sheila E, Patti La Belle, Karyn White, The Dazz Band, and Eric Benet.

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