BirthdayJuly 2, 1920

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  1. About John Kneubuhl

    Full name: John Kneubuhl
    Also known as: John Kneubuhl, Kneubuhl, John
    Professions: American Samoan screenwriter, playwright and Polynesian historian

  2. John Kneubuhl Known for

    The Screaming Skull (1958), Two on a Guillotine (1965), The Wild Wild West (1965), The True Story of Lynn Stuart (1958)

  3. John Kneubuhl Death information

    Died: Thursday, 20th of February, 1992 (Age: 71)

  4. John Kneubuhl Biography

    John Kneubuhl (July 2, 1920 - February 20, 1992) was an American Samoan screenwriter, playwright and Polynesian historian. He wrote for American television series such as The Fugitive, Gunsmoke, The Wild Wild West, Star Trek, The Invaders and Hawaii Five-O. The son of a Samoan mother and an American father, Kneubuhl's multicultural heritage produced a distinctive artistic vision that formed the basis of his most powerful dramatic work. An accomplished playwright, Kneubuhl was a bicultural Polynesian who used the medium of theatre to explore identity, loneliness and the craft required to bring them to the stage.

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