BirthdayJuly 13, 1864
BirthplaceRhinebeck, USA

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  1. About John Jacob Astor

    Full name: John Jacob Astor
    Also known as: John Jacob Astor, Astor, John Jacob
    Professions: fur-trader and first multi-millionaire in America
    Residence: New York City, New York, U.S.
    Nationality: German; U.S. from 1789
    Occupation: Merchant, businessman, investor, fur trader

  2. John Jacob Astor Known for

    First multi-millionaire in the United States

  3. John Jacob Astor Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 29th of March, 1848 (Age: 16)

  4. John Jacob Astor Biography

    John Jacob Astor (July 17, 1763 – March 29, 1848), born Johann Jakob Astor, was a German-born American businessman, merchant, fur trader, and investor who was the first prominent member of the Astor family and the first multi-millionaire in the United States. He was the creator of the first trust in America. He emigrated to England as a teenager, where he worked as a musical instrument manufacturer. Astor moved to the United States after the American Revolutionary War and built a fur-trading empire that extended to the Great Lakes region and Canada, and later expanded into the American West and Pacific coast. In the early 19th century, he diversified into New York City real estate and later became a famed patron of the arts.

  5. John Jacob Astor Family

    Spouse: Sarah Cox Todd
    Siblings: See Astor family
    Childrens: Shayna, unnamed son, Dorothea Astor, Eliza Astor, Henry Astor II, Magdalen Astor, John Jacob Astor, Jr.
    Parents: Johann Jacob Astor, Maria Magdalena Vorfelder

  6. John Jacob Astor Net Worth

    110.1 Billion

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