BirthdaySeptember 17, 1847
BirthplacePhiladelphia, USA

Celebrity biographies

  1. About John I. Beggs

    Full name: John I. Beggs
    Also known as: John Irvin Beggs, Beggs, John Irvin
    Professions: American businessman

  2. John I. Beggs Death information

    Died: Saturday, 17th of October, 1925 (Age: 78)

  3. John I. Beggs Biography

    John Irvin Beggs (September 17, 1847 – October 17, 1925) was an American businessman. He was associated closely with the electric utility boom under Thomas Edison. He was also associated with Milwaukee, St. Louis, Missouri and other regional rail and interurban trolley systems. Beggs is also known for developing modern depreciation techniques for business accounting and for being one of the early directors of what became General Electric.

  4. John I. Beggs Family

    Spouse: Sue Elizabeth Charles

  5. John I. Beggs Salary

    $8,000 annually in 1888

  6. John I. Beggs Net Worth

    20 Million

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