BirthdayMay 14, 1931
BirthplaceBridgeport, USA

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  1. About John Forrest

    Full name: John Forrest
    Also known as: Forrest, John, Sir
    Professions: Explorer, Premier of Western Australia
    Work: Member for Swan

  2. John Forrest Known for

    Great Expectations (1946), Tom Brown's Schooldays (1951), Adam and Evalyn (1949), Identity Unknown (1945)

  3. John Forrest Death information

    Died: Monday, 2nd of September, 1918 (Age: 12)

  4. John Forrest Biography

    Sir John Forrest GCMG (22 August 1847 – 2 September 1918) was an Australian explorer, the first Premier of Western Australia and a cabinet minister in Australia's first federal parliament.As a young man, John Forrest won fame as an explorer by leading three expeditions into the interior of Western Australia. He was appointed Surveyor General and in 1890 became the first Premier of Western Australia, its only premier as a self-governing colony. Forrest's premiership gave the state ten years of stable administration during a period of rapid development and demographic change. He pursued a policy of large-scale public works and extensive land settlement, and he helped to ensure that Western Australia joined the federation of Australian states. After federation, he moved to federal politics, where he was at various times postmaster-general, Minister for Defence, Minister for Home Affairs, Treasurer and acting Prime Minister.Shortly before his death, Forrest was informed that the King had approved his being raised to the British peerage as Baron Forrest of Bunbury. He immediately began signing his name as "Forrest", as if he were already a peer. However, at the time of his death his peerage had not been legally established by letters patent. References to him as "Lord Forrest" are therefore incorrect.

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