BirthdayNovember 25, 1958

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  1. About John Appel

    Full name: John Appel
    Also known as: Appel, John George, John George Appel
    Professions: Director, Writer, Producer
    Nationality: Australian
    Work: Member for Albert
    Occupation: Politician

  2. John Appel Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 19th of March, 1929 (Age: 29)

  3. John Appel Biography

    John George Appel (1859–1929) was an Australian politician, lawyer, and farmer. He served from 1908-1929 as a delegate for the electoral district of Albert and from 1909-1915 as the Secretary of Mine and Public Works and Home Secretary of Queensland.John George Appel was born on 15 March 1859 in Brisbane, Queensland, to George Appel and Maria Jane Appel, née Haussmann. He received his education first at Brisbane Normal School on Adelaide Street in Brisbane and then at the Brisbane Grammar School. After further instruction at a private school run by Reverend D. A’Court, he passed the preliminary bar examination for solicitors and was articled to G.V. Hellicar, of the law firm Thompson & Hellicar, on 3 June 1875. After five years, he passed his finals and was admitted to the bar on 3 August 1880. On 18 March 1879, he had married Ruth Sutherland, the daughter of James Sutherland of Brisbane.Appel practiced law in Brisbane for some time until moving to Ipswich, Queensland as a partner of James Howard Gill, who had previously married Appel’s sister, Annie Louise. In 1885 Gill became a crown solicitor and Appel continued the practice alone until 1887, when bad health forced him to Townsville. Appel was a mason and in 1888-1889, while living in Townsville, he was master of the North Australian Lodge No. 1, United Grand Lodge of Queensland.

  4. John Appel Family

    Spouse: Ruth Sutherland

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