BirthdayAugust 14, 1966
BirthplaceMontreal, Canada

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  1. About Joe Rock

    Full name: Joe Rock
    Also known as: Joe Rock, Rock, Joe
    Professions: American actor and filmmaker
    Occupation: Producer, director, screenwriter, actor

  2. Joe Rock Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 5th of December, 1984 (Age: 18)

  3. Joe Rock Biography

    Joe Rock (December 25, 1893 – December 5, 1984) was an American movie producer, director, actor. and screenwriter best remembered today for producing a series of 12 two reel comedies starring Stan Laurel in the 1920s.After infantry service in World War I, Rock began his film career as a comedian in silent films working under his real name "Joe Simburg" — he had a broad grin and protruding ears, which gave him a comical appearance – but soon found greater success as a producer.

  4. Joe Rock Family

    Spouse: Louise Granville ; children

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