BirthdayDecember 31, 1948
BirthplacePensacola, USA

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  1. About Joe Dallesandro

    Full name: Joe Dallesandro
    Also known as: Joe Dallesandro, Dallesandro, Joe
    Professions: Actor, Writer, Producer
    Occupation: Actor, model

  2. Joe Dallesandro Measurements

    Height: 5' 6" (1.68 m)

  3. Joe Dallesandro Known for

    The Limey (1999), Blood for Dracula (1974), Flesh for Frankenstein (1973), Trash (1970)

  4. Joe Dallesandro Biography

    Joseph Angelo D'Allesandro III (born December 31, 1948), better known as Joe Dallesandro, is an American actor and Warhol superstar. Although he never became a mainstream film star, Dallesandro is generally considered to be the most famous male sex symbol of American underground films of the 20th century, as well as a sex symbol of gay subculture.Dallesandro starred in Flesh as a teenage street hustler. Rolling Stone magazine in 1970 declared his second starring vehicle, Trash, the "Best Film of the Year", making him a star of the youth culture, sexual revolution and subcultural New York art collective of the 1970s.

  5. Joe Dallesandro Family

    Spouse: Leslie

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