BirthdayMay 5, 1903
BirthplacePolk County, USA

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  1. About Joe Ainley

    Full name: Joe Ainley
    Also known as: Joe Ainley, Ainley, Joe
    Professions: Cricketer

  2. Joe Ainley Death information

    Died: Monday, 18th of November, 1907 (Age: 4)

  3. Joe Ainley Biography

    Joe Ainley (28 October 1878 – 18 November 1907) was an English cricketer: a wicket-keeper and right-handed batsman.Born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Ainley played 19 games for Worcestershire County Cricket Club in 1905 and 1906, and in all claimed 26 catches and four stumpings. He was a poor batsman and usually went in at the bottom of the order; his highest first-class score was just 13 and his batting average of 7.11 was inflated by 16 not outs in his 25 innings.Ainley died at the age of barely 29 in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

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