BirthdayDecember 9, 1977

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  1. About Jesse Nilsson

    Full name: Jesse Nilsson
    Also known as: Jesse Nilsson, Nilsson, Jesse
    Professions: Canadian actor

  2. Jesse Nilsson Known for

    The Skulls (2000), Adventure Inc. (2002), Model Behavior (2000), Our Hero (2000)

  3. Jesse Nilsson Death information

    Died: Friday, 25th of April, 2003 (Age: 25)

  4. Jesse Nilsson Biography

    Despite being an asthmatic, Jesse Nilsson was active in the dramatic arts from a very young age, and amassed an impressive list of both feature film and television credits. Jesse was cast in a six-episode guest star role on the CBC series Our Hero (2000) where he portrayed Rollins, an animal rescue technician and starred as A.J., the series lead, ...

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