BirthdayJuly 6, 1940
BirthplaceTitusville, USA

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  1. About Jeannie Seely

    Full name: Jeannie Seely
    Also known as: Jeannie Seely, Seely, Jeannie
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actress

  2. Jeannie Seely Biography

    Jeannie Seely (born Marilyn Jeanne Seely, July 6, 1940, Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States) is an American country music singer and Grand Ole Opry star. She is best known for her 1966 Grammy award-winning Country hit, "Don't Touch Me", which peaked at No. 2 on the country charts.Seely has produced numerous country hits, from the 1960s into the mid-1970s, including duets with Jack Greene like 1969's "I Wish I Didn't Have to Miss You". Seely has befriended many country singers, including Jan Howard and Dottie West.

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