BirthdayMay 17, 1929
BirthplaceParis, France

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  1. About Jean-Denis Bredin

    Full name: Jean-Denis Bredin
    Also known as: Jean-Denis Bredin, Bredin, Jean-Denis
    Professions: French lawyer

  2. Jean-Denis Bredin Known for

    Charlotte Corday (2008), L'affaire Dreyfus (1995), Un coupable (1988), Regards d'enfance (1993)

  3. Jean-Denis Bredin Biography

    Jean-Denis Bredin (born 17 May 1929) is a French attorney and founding partner of the firm Bredin Prat. He is the twentieth, and current occupant of seat 3 of the Académie française, elected on 15 June 1989.

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