BirthdayJanuary 12, 1916
BirthplaceMuskogee, USA

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  1. About Jay McShann

    Full name: Jay McShann
    Also known as: Jay McShann, McShann, Jay
    Professions: American blues, jazz, and swing bandleader, pianist and singer
    Occupation: Musician, bandleader, composer, soldier

  2. Jay McShann Known for

    American Splendor (2003), Married Life (2007), Hanging Up (2000), Vine Street Blues (1943)

  3. Jay McShann Death information

    Died: Thursday, 7th of December, 2006 (Age: 90)

  4. Jay McShann Biography

    Jay McShann (January 12, 1916 – December 7, 2006) was a jump blues, mainstream jazz, and swing bandleader, pianist and singer.During the 1940s, McShann was at the forefront of blues and hard bop jazz musicians mainly from Kansas City. He assembled his own big band, with musicians that included some of the most influential artists of their time, including Charlie Parker, Bernard Anderson, Ben Webster and Walter Brown. His kind of music became known as "the Kansas City sound".

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