BirthdayMarch 18, 1961
BirthplaceZakho, Iraq

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  1. About Jano Rosebiani

    Full name: Jano Rosebiani
    Professions: Producer, Director, Writer

  2. Jano Rosebiani Known for

    Jiyan (2002), Chaplin of the Mountains (2013), Êk Momik, Du Momik... (2014), Dance of the Pendulum (1995)

  3. Jano Rosebiani Biography

    A self-taught Kurdish/American scriptwriter, director, producer, and editor spearheading a Kurdish New Wave cinema. Started as a portrait artist and graphic designer, Rosebiani acquired his knowledge of filmmaking during his college years at NOVA in the mid eighties while managing movie theaters and making experimental videos for a public access ...

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