BirthdayDecember 28, 1962

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  1. About Jani Thiltges

    Full name: Jani Thiltges
    Professions: Producer, Actor, Director

  2. Jani Thiltges Known for

    JCVD (2008), Irina Palm (2007), Twin Sisters (2002), Our Children (2012)

  3. Jani Thiltges Biography

    Born in 1962, Jani Thiltges studied film at INSAS (Institut Supérieur Des Arts Du Spectacles et Techniques DE Diffusion) in Brussels from 1984 to 1988. Since 1986, Jani is co-founder, partner and CEO of Samsa Film in Luxembourg. He is also partner of Artemis Productions (Belgium) and Fado Filmes (Portugal). In 2003, he founded Liaison ...

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