BirthdayJune 6, 1916
BirthplaceDavenport, USA

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  1. About Jane Weir

    Full name: Jane Weir
    Professions: Actress

  2. Jane Weir Known for

    Souls at Sea (1937), Artists & Models (1937), The Singing Marine (1937), Crack-Up (1936)

  3. Jane Weir Biography

    Jane Weir, or Jean Weir, the sister of Major Thomas Weir, was charged with incest and witchcraft in 1670 and was subsequently executed.Thomas Weir was a strict Protestant whose spoken prayers earned him a reputation that attracted visitors to his home in Edinburgh. Following his retirement in 1670, Weir fell ill and began to confess to a secret life of crime and vice. The Lord Provost initially found the confession implausible and took no action, but eventually Weir and his spinster sister, Jane Weir, were taken to the Edinburgh Tolbooth for interrogation. Major Weir, now in his seventies, continued to expand on his confession and Jane Weir gave an even more exaggerated history of witchcraft, sorcery and vice.The trial began on April 9, 1670. Jane Weir confessed that their mother had been a witch and had taught her children. She also revealed that Thomas bore the mark of the Beast on his body and that they frequently roamed the countryside in a fiery coach.Weir was born near Carluke in Lanarkshire.

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