BirthdaySeptember 30, 1941
BirthplaceJanów, Poland

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  1. About Jan Twardowski

    Full name: Jan Twardowski
    Also known as: Jan Twardowski, Twardowski, Jan
    Professions: Polish writer

  2. Jan Twardowski Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 18th of January, 2006 (Age: 64)

  3. Jan Twardowski Biography

    This article is about the poet. See also Pan Twardowski.Jan Jakub Twardowski (June 1, 1915 – January 18, 2006) was a Polish poet, but, as he said of himself, he was a priest (of the Catholic Church) first of all. He was a chief Polish representative of contemporary religious lyrics. He wrote short, simple poems, humorous, sometimes with colloquialisms. He joins observation of nature with philosophical reflexion.Twardowski received many awards and medals for his output.

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