BirthdayDecember 0, 1976
BirthplaceKent, UK

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  1. About James Tanner

    Full name: James Tanner
    Also known as: James Tanner, Tanner, James
    Professions: British chef

  2. James Tanner Biography

    James Tanner (born 28 November 1976) is a British chef and television personality, best known for co-owning the Tanners Restaurant in Plymouth and cooking on various TV programmes.In 1999, Tanner and his brother Chris set up Tanners Restaurant in Plymouth. Since then he has appeared on the BBC cookery programme Ready Steady Cook and more recently the ITV Breakfast programme Lorraine.

  3. James Tanner Family

    Siblings: Chris Tanner, (Chris Tanner )
    Childrens: Megan Tanner

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