BirthdayNovember 4, 1956

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  1. About James Honeyman-Scott

    Full name: James Honeyman-Scott
    Also known as: James Honeyman-Scott, Honeyman-Scott, James
    Professions: British musician
    Occupation: Musician, songwriter

  2. James Honeyman-Scott Known for

    Lost in Translation (2003), Just Like Heaven (2005), Gia (1998), Private Parts (1997)

  3. James Honeyman-Scott Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 16th of June, 1982 (Age: 25)

  4. James Honeyman-Scott Biography

    Template:Multiple issuesJames Honeyman-Scott (4 November 1956 – 16 June 1982), commonly referred to as "Jimmy", was an English rock guitarist, songwriter and founding member of the band The Pretenders.With the Pretenders, Honeyman-Scott established a reputation, in the words of Allmusic, as "one of the most original and versatile guitarists of the early-'80s new wave movement." In addition to his role as lead guitarist, Honeyman-Scott co-wrote a number of songs for the band, sang back-up vocals, and played keyboards on a few tracks. The song 2000 Miles was written for him by Chrissie Hynde and released the year after his death.

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