BirthdayJuly 10, 1921
BirthplaceThe Bronx, USA

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  1. About Jake LaMotta

    Full name: Jake LaMotta
    Also known as: Jake LaMotta, Jake Lamotta, Giacobbe LaMotta, Lamotta, Jake
    Professions: Actor, Writer, Miscellaneous Crew
    Work: Raging Bull

  2. Jake LaMotta Measurements

    Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)

  3. Jake LaMotta Known for

    The Hustler (1961), Raging Bull (1980), Mob War (1989), Resurrecting the Champ (2007)

  4. Jake LaMotta Biography

    Jake LaMotta had one of the best chins in boxing history. In over 110 fights against the greatest middleweights in history, LaMotta was only knocked to the canvas once in his entire 14 year career. Turning pro in the early 1940s, Lamotta ran up an impressive undefeated streak before losing. He was the first fighter to defeat the great Sugar Ray ...

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