BirthdayAugust 20, 1905
BirthplaceVernon, USA

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  1. About Jack Teagarden

    Full name: Jack Teagarden
    Also known as: Jack Teagarden, Teagarden, Jack
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actor, Music Department
    Occupation: Bandleader, trombonist, composer, vocalist

  2. Jack Teagarden Known for

    Seabiscuit (2003), Nothing But Trouble (1991), King of the Hill (1993), The War Room (1993)

  3. Jack Teagarden Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 15th of January, 1964 (Age: 58)

  4. Jack Teagarden Biography

    Jack Teagarden played trombone with a relaxed style and a unique technique that still inspires awe even today. He was also a great jazz singer, charming and warm, with influences from the African American blues singers he listened to while growing up in Texas. Born on Aug. 29, 1905, Teagarden learned trombone by the age of 10. While still in his ...

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