BirthdayMay 8, 1901
BirthplaceKansas City, USA

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  1. About Jack Moffitt

    Full name: Jack Moffitt
    Also known as: Jack Moffitt, Moffitt, Jack
    Professions: Computer scientist

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    Night and Day (1946), Passage to Marseille (1944), Exclusive (1937), Melody Ranch (1940)

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    Jack Moffitt is a computer scientist, software developer and entrepreneur, living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is co-author of the GNU GPL licensed streaming media server Icecast and often works on software using XMPP, JavaScript and Erlang. He also worked as executive director of Xiph.Org Foundation and developer of Ogg Vorbis project. Moffitt's work with Erlang has made him a regular presenter at the Erlang Factory conference series. Moffit's 2012 application for lists several of his other projects.While working on Moffit led the development team that created Strophe - a library for writing XMPP clients, implemented in JavaScript and C for developers of XMPP applications. Moffit's team also released several other open source projects related to XMPP.In November 2008 Moffitt co-founded Collecta, a real-time search company which uses XMPP, including the Strophe library, for communication between the client and server. Collecta launched its public beta in June 2009. Moffitt served as CTO for Collecta until some time in late 2010 when he left the company to work on other projects. Moffit's current project appears to be called Lunchbox Labs according to information on his LinkedIn profile. Lunchbox Labs produced the iOS word game SnackWords. In 2011, Moffit's name appeared with a credit as one of the "Server Developers" for the iOS MMORPG ShadowCities produced by Grey Area Software.In 2012 Jack Moffitt joined TalkTo, an internet startup which allows users to send questions via an application or SMS and have agents at TalkTo answer their questions or conduct research for them. Moffitt's role is "Lead Architect" according to the ErlangFactory conference website for Moffitt's 2012 talk there. TalkTo reportedly uses XMPP for some of its communication, which may explain Moffitt's involvement. Further evidence of Moffitt's involvement with TalkTo is visible on the TalkTo blog, where a birthday message to Moffitt is displayed referencing him as a "team member" and including a happy birthday message which is an XMPP code stanza. Former Chesspark and Collecta coworker, Nathan Zorn, who is also an active member of the open source community, appears in the image holding up the sign and on the About page of the TalkTo website, indicating he is also a TalkTo employee, though whether he or Moffitt joined first is unknown.In March 2013 Moffitt left TalkTo and joined Mozilla in the role of Senior Research Engineer working on Servo.Jack Moffitt has also served on the board of the XMPP Standards Foundation, or XSF. Moffitt is author of a 2009 book about how to write XMPP applications, "Professional XMPP with JavaScript and jQuery" (ISBN 0470540710).Moffitt also has an interest in electronic music, and formerly played keyboards in a band called Lousy Robot.Moffitt blogs occasionally at - the ".im" suffix chosen because it is also shorthand for "instant message" in a nod to Moffitt's work with XMPP.Moffitt a

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