BirthdayJune 20, 1966
BirthplaceMiami, USA

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  1. About Jack Gale

    Full name: Jack Gale
    Also known as: Jack Gale, Gale, Jack
    Professions: Australian rules footballer

  2. Jack Gale Death information

    Died: Saturday, 5th of April, 1975 (Age: 8)

  3. Jack Gale Biography

    Jack Gale was an Australian rules footballer who played three games in the VFL for Richmond Football Club in 1924.He returned to Tasmania and was Captain/Coach of the Wynyard Football Club from 1927 and 1928. After retiring as a player he then became an umpire in the NWFU.Gale's son, Don, was a champion Tasmanian footballer who became the first player from the NWFU to achieve All Australian selection, whilst two of his grandsons, Michael and Brendon, had lengthy AFL careers throughout the 1990s, both also playing at Richmond.

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