BirthdaySeptember 9, 1859

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  1. About J.C. Buckstone

    Full name: J.C. Buckstone
    Also known as: J. C. Buckstone, Buckstone, J. C.
    Professions: British actor

  2. J.C. Buckstone Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 24th of September, 1924 (Age: 65)

  3. J.C. Buckstone Biography

    John Copeland Buckstone (9 September 1859, Sydenham, London – 24 September 1924) was an English stage and film actor of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, who was most famous for his 1901 stage play Scrooge, which was the basis for the first film version of A Christmas Carol in the same year. He was the son of the noted actor John Baldwin Buckstone and the brother of Lucy Isabella Buckstone.

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