BirthdayFebruary 6, 1845
BirthplaceOtterberg, Germany

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  1. About Isidor Straus

    Full name: Isidor Straus
    Also known as: Isidor Straus, Straus, Isidor
    Professions: Retailing magnate
    Occupation: Co-owner of Macy's department store

  2. Isidor Straus Measurements

    Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

  3. Isidor Straus Death information

    Died: Monday, 15th of April, 1912 (Age: 67)

  4. Isidor Straus Biography

    Isidor Straus (February 6, 1845 – April 15, 1912) was a German-born American businessman and co-owner of Macy's department store with his brother Nathan. He also served briefly as a member of the United States House of Representatives. He died with his wife, Ida, in the sinking of the passenger ship RMS Titanic.

  5. Isidor Straus Family

    Spouse: Ida Straus
    Childrens: Jesse Isidor Straus, Clarence Elias Straus, Hebert Nathan Straus, Minnie Weil, Sara Hess, Percy Seldon Straus, Vivian Dixon

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