BirthdayFebruary 17, 1877

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  1. About Isabelle Eberhardt

    Full name: Isabelle Eberhardt
    Also known as: Isabelle Eberhardt, Eberhart, Isabelle, Isabelle Eberhart
    Professions: Swiss explorer
    Nationality: Swiss
    Occupation: Explorer, writer

  2. Isabelle Eberhardt Death information

    Died: Friday, 21st of October, 1904 (Age: 27)

  3. Isabelle Eberhardt Biography

    Isabelle Eberhardt (17 February 1877 – 21 October 1904) was a Swiss explorer and writer. Educated in Switzerland by her father, who was a tutor, Eberhart took an interest in North Africa and relocated there in May 1897. In North Africa Eberhardt dressed as a man, converted to Islam. During her time in North Africa she adopted the name Si Mahmoud Saadi, was accepted into a Qadiriyya, survived an assassination attempt and worked for General Hubert Lyautey, all the while working on various writings and manuscripts. She died in a flash-flood in Aïn Sefra at the age of 27. The majority of her writings, which found critical acclaim, were not published until after her death.

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