BirthdayJuly 2, 1929

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  1. About Imelda Marcos

    Full name: Imelda Marcos
    Also known as: Imelda Romuáldez Marcos, Imelda Marcos, Imelda R. Marcos, Marcos, Imelda Romuáldez
    Professions: Former First Lady of the Philippines
    Work: Member of the House of Representatives from Ilocos Norte's 2nd district
    Occupation: Politician

  2. Imelda Marcos Known for

    Imelda (2003), Thrilla in Manila (2008), EDSA 25: Sulyap ng kasaysayan (2011), Mariquina (2014)

  3. Imelda Marcos Biography

    Imelda Marcos, Template:Post-nominals Template:Post-nominals (born July 2, 1929) is the widow of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and forms half of their so-called conjugal dictatorship. She is remembered as a symbol of excess during her husband's twenty-year rule because of her collection of more than a thousand pairs of shoes.Imelda began her career as a local singer and model in Manila before meeting her husband Ferdinand, who would later be elected President. After the declaration of martial law in 1972, Imelda began holding positions in the national government that allowed her to travel the world and accumulate artwork and real estate. The couple consolidated their power allowing them to transport funds from the Philippine treasury into offshore accounts, such as banks in Switzerland.President Marcos was accused of the assassination of Benigno Aquino, Jr.. This would lead to the People Power Revolution which forced the Marcoses out of office and into exile in Hawaii. After the death of Ferdinand, Imelda and her family were given amnesty by Corazon Aquino. Her return to the Philippines has since allowed her to restore her political dynasty. She was elected to the House of Representatives in 1995 for Leyte and again in 2010 for Ilocos Norte.Despite facing numerous cases involving alleged corruption, she was not imprisoned and continued to wield power. Her ability to survive upheavals in her life has led her to be called the "Steel Butterfly".

  4. Imelda Marcos Family

    Spouse: Ferdinand Marcos
    Childrens: Aimee, Irene, Ferdinand, Jr.

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