BirthdaySeptember 28, 1970
BirthplaceSofia, Bulgaria

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  1. About Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov

    Full name: Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov
    Professions: Composer

  2. Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov Known for

    Pox (2011), The House of Adam (2006), Rodents (2010), Messners Alps (2007)

  3. Ilia Eshkenazy Jossifov Biography

    ILIA ESHKENAZY JOSSIFOV 1970 born in Sofia, Bulgaria 1975 starts piano and violin lessons with the Bulgarian Pianist and Conductor Irina Stiglich 1976 starts his music education at The National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria in violin and piano 1988 studies piano, conducting, composition and opera singing at the Stuttgart Conservatory, Germany 2000...

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