BirthdaySeptember 4, 1922

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  1. About Igor Podgorskiy

    Full name: Igor Podgorskiy
    Also known as: Igor Podgorskiy, Игорь Подгорский, Podgorskiy, Igor
    Professions: Animation Department, Art Director, Assistant Director

  2. Igor Podgorskiy Death information

    Died: Friday, 26th of December, 1975 (Age: 53)

  3. Igor Podgorskiy Biography

    Igor Vladimirovich Podgorskiy (Russian: ????? ???????????? ?????????? (September 4, 1922 — December 26, 1975) was one of The Greatest Soviet Animators, who worked in the "Golden Era" of Soviet animation. He contributed to more than one hundred cartoons. Many of these cartoons have become The International and The National Classics.

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