BirthdayMay 3, 1982

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  1. About Igor Olshansky

    Full name: Igor Olshansky
    Also known as: Igor Olshansky, Olshansky, Igor
    Professions: Player of American football

  2. Igor Olshansky Measurements

    Height: 6' 6" (1.98 m)
    Weight: 142.88

  3. Igor Olshansky Biography

    Igor Olshansky (/o?l??ænski/; born May 3, 1982) is a Jewish Ukrainian-born American football defensive end free agent in National Football League. He last played for the Miami Dolphins.He played college football at the University of Oregon. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers, in the second round of the 2004 NFL Draft, and played for them for five years (2004–08). He then played for the Dallas Cowboys for two seasons, 2009–10.

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