BirthdayMarch 24, 1972
BirthplaceKranj, Slovenia

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  1. About Igor Korosec

    Full name: Igor Korosec
    Professions: Actor

  2. Igor Korosec Measurements

    Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

  3. Igor Korosec Known for

    The Good German (2006), Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain (2004), Socom II: U.S. Navy Seals (2003), Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)

  4. Igor Korosec Biography

    Igor Korosec (pronounced ['egor ko'roshez]) is a Slovenian-Russian actor. However as he was born in a small Slovenian town of Kranj, we can say that life in Russia influenced his life much deeper. His first performance was in pre-school at the age of six, and five years later, the shy boy decided to go to semi-professional theatre in town, and ask ...

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