BirthdayNovember 22, 1983

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  1. About Igor Dolgatschew

    Full name: Igor Dolgatschew
    Also known as: Dolgatchew
    Professions: German actor

  2. Igor Dolgatschew Biography

    Igor Dolgatschew (born November 22, 1983, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Ukraine) is a German actor.Dolgatschew began performing in theatre plays while still attending school in Magdeburg. He was soon cast in films and television shows like Wolffs Revier, Für alle Fälle Stefanie, Alphateam, Neues vom Bülowbogen, Beautiful Bitch and Frau fährt, Mann schläft. In 2007, he won the groundbreaking role of Deniz Öztürk in Alles was zählt (All That Matters). Igor plays the part of a young Turkish man coming to terms with his sexual identity with devotion and passion, winning fans both in Germany - where he was voted "Sexiest Soap Star" in 2008 and 2010 - and worldwide. In February 2008, he accepted Blu Magazine's Best National TV Format award, along with co-star Dennis Grabosch, for AWZ's portrayal of the relationship between their characters.When not contributing to the intense chemistry that DeRo is known for, Igor continues to perform on stage. He is a member of the Mund Art Ensemble, a Hessisches theatre revival company in Frankfurt, and most recently appeared in Der Keusche Lebemann.

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