BirthdayAugust 6, 1971
BirthplaceBonheiden, Belgium

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  1. About Ianka Fleerackers

    Full name: Ianka Fleerackers
    Also known as: Ianka Fleerackers, Fleerackers, Ianka
    Professions: Belgian actor
    Occupation: Actor, television presenter

  2. Ianka Fleerackers Known for

    Flikken (1999), LouisLouise (2008), Everybody's Famous! (2000), Kulderzipken (1995)

  3. Ianka Fleerackers Biography

    Ianka Fleerackers (born 6 August 1971) is a Flemish stage, television and film actress and television presenter.She landed her first part at age 14, playing a student in the TV series Meester, hij begint weer!. She had starring parts in the TV series Kulderzipken, Flikken, and in LouisLouise where she plays Charlotte De Wilde.She has two children, Lilly and Wolf.

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