BirthdayApril 25, 1949
BirthplaceDamascus, Syria

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  1. About Ian Copeland

    Full name: Ian Copeland
    Also known as: Ian Copeland, Copeland, Ian
    Professions: American music promoter

  2. Ian Copeland Known for

    R.E.M. by MTV (2014), Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (2006), Police: Around the World (1982), Urgh! A Music War (1981)

  3. Ian Copeland Death information

    Died: Tuesday, 23rd of May, 2006 (Age: 57)

  4. Ian Copeland Biography

    Ian Adie Copeland (April 25, 1949 – May 23, 2006) was a pioneering American music promoter and booking agent who helped launch the new wave movement in the United States.

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