BirthdayJune 8, 1911
BirthplaceHavana, Cuba

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  1. About Howard Lydecker

    Full name: Howard Lydecker
    Professions: Special Effects, Visual Effects, Assistant Director

  2. Howard Lydecker Known for

    Angel and the Badman (1947), Rio Grande (1950), Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), Johnny Guitar (1954)

  3. Howard Lydecker Biography

    Howard "Babe" Lydecker and his older brother Theodore Lydecker were the undisputed masters of miniature special effects in Hollywood from 1935-1953. Begining their careers with Nat Levine's Mascot Pictures in the early 1930s, they were swept up in Mascot's 1935 merger with Monogram Pictures and Liberty Pictures to form Republic Pictures, headed by...

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