BirthdayJanuary 27, 1908
BirthplaceDallas, USA

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  1. About Hot Lips Page

    Full name: Hot Lips Page
    Also known as: Hot Lips Page, Oran Thaddeus Page, Page, Oran Thaddeus
    Professions: American jazz musician

  2. Hot Lips Page Known for

    Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), Boarding House Blues (1948), The Ed Sullivan Show (1948), All Star Revue (1950)

  3. Hot Lips Page Death information

    Died: Friday, 5th of November, 1954 (Age: 46)

  4. Hot Lips Page Biography

    Jazz musician, blues vocalist and band leader Hot Lips Page (born Oran Page on January 27, 1908, in Dallas, TX) was much influenced and often overshadowed by Louis Armstrong. Page specialized on the trumpet from the age of 12. He first toured the vaudeville circuit with Ma Rainey, after a spell of manual labour in the Seminole oilfields in Texas. ...

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