BirthdayAugust 27, 1972
BirthplaceBrasov, Romania

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  1. About Horia Brenciu

    Full name: Horia Brenciu
    Also known as: Horia Brenciu, Brenciu, Horia
    Professions: Actor, Sound Department
    Occupation: Singer, panelist, humanitarian, entertainer

  2. Horia Brenciu Biography

    Horia Brenciu (born 27 August 1972, Bra?ov) is a Romanian singer, television host, actor, successful entertainer, and philanthropist. He studied at National College Andrei ?aguna from Bra?ov, then he continued to ?coala Popular? de Art? Bra?ov, at piano and canto class, and in 1998 he finished The Theater Academy from Bucharest.At 18 years old he start his musical career, by singing the piano in hsi own band, "Apropo". In 1993, he enter in the world of television, as the host for a popular show at that time called Robingo at TVR. The next years he was a proeminent TV presenter, and he was the host from some kids shows. In 2002, he created one of the most important brand from Romania, HB Media, and since 2004 to 2010, he was the planner from "Stars on Mariott", and others popular show for the New Year's Eve. From 2003, he make a stand by creating "Cabaret Nights at Hilton", cabaret shows which has been enjoyed by international cycus stars and some Romanian celebrities.In 2002, Horia Brenciu do the first step for HB Orchestra, a powerful project very active in the background for many artists in Romania. A project with thousands of concerts and live actions, in the present the project with Julie Mayaya, the winner from Vocea României can be watched at Antena 1 in the show Serviciul Român de Comedie. In 2007 released his first album, "35", and in 2008 he received some awards from Radio Romania International at "The best male voice" category.

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