BirthdayJune 24, 1940
BirthplaceSan Francisco, USA

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  1. About Hope Cooke

    Full name: Hope Cooke
    Also known as: Hope Cooke, Cooke, Hope
    Professions: Miscellaneous Crew
    Nationality: United States
    Work: Gyalmo of the 12th Chogyal of Sikkim
    Occupation: Author, lecturer

  2. Hope Cooke Death information

    Died: Monday, 1st of April, 2013 (Age: 72)

  3. Hope Cooke Biography

    Hope Cooke (born June 24, 1940) is an American woman who was the "Gyalmo" (Tibetan: ????????, Wylie: rgyal mo) (Queen Consort) of the 12th Chogyal (King) of Sikkim (Palden Thondup Namgyal). Their wedding took place in March 1963.Palden Thondup Namgyal was to be the last king of Sikkim as a protectorate state under India. By 1973, both the country and their marriage were crumbling; soon Sikkim was annexed by India. Five months after the violent takeover of Sikkim had begun, Cooke returned to the USA with her two birth children and step-daughter to put them in schools in New York City. Cooke and her husband divorced in 1980 and Namgyal died of cancer in 1982.Cooke wrote an autobiography, Time Change (Simon & Schuster 1981) and began a career as a lecturer, book critic and magazine contributor, later becoming an urban historian. In her new life as a student of New York City, Cooke published Seeing New York (Temple University Press 1995); worked as a newspaper columnist (Daily News); taught at Yale University, Sarah Lawrence College, and Birch Wathen, a New York City private school. During this time she ran the public history walking program at the Museum of the City of New York and lectured widely on urban history and East-West cultural ties.

  4. Hope Cooke Family

    Spouse: Palden Thondup Namgyal Mike Wallace
    Childrens: Hope, Mrs. Yep Wangyal Tobden, Palden Namgyal

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