BirthdayMay 15, 1897
BirthplaceOklahoma, USA

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  1. About Homer Watson

    Full name: Homer Watson
    Also known as: Homer Watson, Watson, Homer
    Professions: Costume Department, Actor
    Nationality: Canadian
    Work: President of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

  2. Homer Watson Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 27th of May, 1936 (Age: 39)

  3. Homer Watson Biography

    Homer Ransford Watson (January 14, 1855 – May 30, 1936) was a Canadian landscape painter. He was "the man who first saw Canada as Canada, rather than as dreamy blurred pastiches of European painting," according to J. Russell Harper, a former curator of Canadian art at the National Gallery of Canada. He was a member and president (1918–1922) of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, as well as a founding member and first president (1907–1911) of the Canadian Art Club.

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