BirthdayOctober 26, 1941
BirthplaceHamburg, Germany

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  1. About Holger Meins

    Full name: Holger Meins
    Also known as: Holger Meins, Meins, Holger, Holger Klaus Meins
    Professions: Sound Department, Director, Cinematographer

  2. Holger Meins Measurements

    Height: 6' 1ΒΌ" (1.86 m)

  3. Holger Meins Death information

    Died: Saturday, 9th of November, 1974 (Age: 33)

  4. Holger Meins Biography

    Holger Meins is nomally known as a member of the so-called "first generation" of the German left-terrorist group RAF ("Rote Armee Fraktion", "Red Army Fraction"; aka "Baader Meinhof Group"), and he is famous for being the first group member to die in prison due to the physical consequences of his long-lasting hunger-strike. Meins was among the ...

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