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  1. About Holger Czukay

    Full name: Holger Czukay
    Also known as: Holger Czukay, Czukay, Holger
    Professions: German bass-guitarist and co-founder of "Can"

  2. Holger Czukay Known for

    Inherent Vice (2014), Morvern Callar (2002), Norwegian Wood (2010), Broken Embraces (2009)

  3. Holger Czukay Biography

    Holger Czukay (born Holger Schüring, 24 March 1938) is a German musician, probably best known as a co-founder of the krautrock group Can. Described by critic Jason Ankeny as "successfully bridg[ing] the gap between pop and the avant-garde," Czukay is also notable for creating early important examples of ambient music, for exploring "world music" well before the term was coined, and for being a pioneer of sampling.

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