BirthdayOctober 26, 2012
BirthplaceKawasaki, Japan

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  1. About Hiroshi Nagano

    Full name: Hiroshi Nagano
    Also known as: Hiroshi Nagano, Nagano, Hiroshi
    Professions: Japanese actor
    Occupation: Actor, singer

  2. Hiroshi Nagano Biography

    Hiroshi Nagano (?? ?, Nagano Hiroshi) is a pop singer, actor and member of V6, a Japanese boy band formed in 1995, under the management of Johnny & Associates and it's half part, 20th Century. He is among the first who joined Johnny & Associates in 1986 at age of 14. He quit Johnny's Jr on 1990 to continue his studies and re-join on mid of 1992. He is famous and well known for his role in the popular Tokusatsu series, Ultraman Tiga as the series main lead, Daigo Madoka, the human form of Ultraman Tiga. In addition to appearing in the Ultraman Tiga TV series, he has also appeared in several spin-offs and feature films.

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