BirthdayAugust 0, 1866

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  1. About Hiralal Sen

    Full name: Hiralal Sen
    Also known as: Hiralal Sen, Sen, Hiralal
    Professions: Indian film director
    Occupation: Photographer, filmmaker

  2. Hiralal Sen Death information

    Died: Monday, 1st of January, 1917 (Age: 50)

  3. Hiralal Sen Biography

    Hiralal Sen is known as the first film maker in the Indian sub-continent. He was born in Manikgonj near Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was the son of a famous lawyer and from a Zamindar family. He grew up in Kolkata. In 1898, a film troupe en route to Paris screened a certain Professor Stevenson's short film along with the stage show, The Flower of Persia ...

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