BirthdayMay 6, 1902
BirthplaceElberfeld, Germany

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  1. About Hermann Pfeiffer

    Full name: Hermann Pfeiffer
    Also known as: Hermann Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer, Hermann
    Professions: Actor, Director, Producer

  2. Hermann Pfeiffer Death information

    Died: Sunday, 20th of May, 1917 (Age: 15)

  3. Hermann Pfeiffer Biography

    Leutnant Hermann Pfeiffer was a World War I flying ace credited with eleven aerial victories.Pfeiffer joined the German army on 1 October 1913. He rose to Unteroffizier in the 114th Bavarian Infantry Regiment. He won an Iron Cross Second Class in May 1915. He then transferred to aviation, and in July, he began pilot training. Once qualified, he was posted to FFA 10, where he was promoted to Vizefeldwebel on 11 July 1916. Later that month, he transferred to FFA 10, which was attached to AOK 3, to fly single-seated Fokker fighters. He came under the command of Kurt Student. Pfeiffer shot down a Caudron on 6 August 1916. Four days later, he received the Iron Cross First Class as a consequence. On 24 August, 2 and 26 September, he shot down a Caudron apiece. On 7 October, AOK 3 morphed into Jasta 9. Pfeiffer continued to shoot down enemy planes, tallying seven more between 10 November 1916 and 14 May 1917. During this stretch, he also received two decorations from his native Baden, as well as being commissioned on 21 November 1916.On 20 May 1917, Hermann Pfeiffer died during the test flight of a captured Nieuport fighter.

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