BirthdayMarch 14, 1945

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  1. About Herman van Veen

    Full name: Herman van Veen
    Also known as: Herman Van Veen, Herman van Veen, Veen, Herman Van
    Professions: Soundtrack, Actor, Writer
    Work: Herman van Veen
    Occupation: Actor and songwriter

  2. Herman van Veen Biography

    Hermannus Jantinus "Herman" van Veen (born 14 March 1945) is a Dutch stage performer, actor, musician and singer/songwriter and author. He is most famous as the creator of the Dutch-Japanese cartoon Alfred J. Kwak, for which he also wrote, as well as composed and performed most of the music.He also performed the voice overs for the characters Johan Sebastian Kwak, Krabnagel de Kater and Professor Paljas (Professor Buffon) in the Dutch version of Alfred J. Kwak.

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