BirthdaySeptember 27, 1962

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  1. About Herbert Rawlinson

    Full name: Herbert Rawlinson
    Also known as: Herbert Rawlinson, Rawlinson, Herbert
    Professions: Sound Department, Editorial Department, Actor
    Occupation: Actor

  2. Herbert Rawlinson Known for

    Boston Legal (2004), Boston Public (2000), Skyline (2010), GCB (2012)

  3. Herbert Rawlinson Death information

    Died: Sunday, 12th of July, 1953 (Age: 9)

  4. Herbert Rawlinson Biography

    Herbert Rawlinson (15 November 1885 – 12 July 1953) was an English-born stage, film, radio and television actor.A leading man during Hollywood's silent film era, Rawlinson transitioned to character roles after the advent of sound films. Rawlinson died of lung cancer in 1953. For his contribution to the motion picture industry, Herbert Rawlinson has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame located at 6150 Hollywood Blvd.

  5. Herbert Rawlinson Family

    Spouse: Loraine Abigail Long

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