BirthdayDecember 0, 1927

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  1. About Henk Hofland

    Full name: Henk Hofland
    Also known as: Henk Hofland, Hofland, Henk
    Professions: Dutch journalist

  2. Henk Hofland Biography

    Hendrik Johannes Adrianus Hofland (Rotterdam, 20 July 1927) is a Dutch journalist, commentator, essayist and columnist. H.J.A. Hofland, as he is also commonly known, is often referred to as the éminence grise of Dutch journalism. In 1999 he was named Dutch "Journalist of the century" in a nationwide poll among his peers. He once described himself as belonging to the "anarcho-liberal community" and in his work his political orientation emerges as fitting in with the secular middle of society.

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