BirthdayJanuary 25, 1907

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  1. About Helmut Weiss

    Full name: Helmut Weiss
    Also known as: Helmut Weiss, Weiss, Helmut
    Professions: Director, Actor, Writer
    Occupation: Actor, Screenwriter, Film Director

  2. Helmut Weiss Known for

    The Punch Bowl (1944), Vertauschtes Leben (1961), Geheimnis einer Ehe (1951), Tromba (1949)

  3. Helmut Weiss Death information

    Died: Monday, 13th of January, 1969 (Age: 61)

  4. Helmut Weiss Biography

    Helmut Weiss (1907–1969) was a German actor, screenwriter and film director. He was notable for directing Tell the Truth the first film produced in what was to become the future West Germany after the Second World War. It was made in Hamburg in the British Zone of Occupation. Much of the film had already been made at the UFA studios in Berlin shortly before the arrival of the Red Army, but Weiss dramatically re-shot it. The film was significant in its use of outdoor locations in common with other post-war rubble films.

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