BirthdayMarch 24, 1938

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  1. About Helena Kallianiotes

    Full name: Helena Kallianiotes
    Also known as: Helena Kallianiotes, Kallianiotes, Helena
    Professions: Actress, Producer
    Occupation: Actress, dancer, property manager

  2. Helena Kallianiotes Known for

    Five Easy Pieces (1970), Stay Hungry (1976), Kansas City Bomber (1972), Eureka (1983)

  3. Helena Kallianiotes Biography

    Helena Kallianiotes was born in Greece. At age 10, she came to America and lived in Boston, Mass. At age 16, she started belly dancing in Boston night clubs. In 1958, she left Boston and worked as a belly dancer across the U.S. Settled in California. Belly danced at The Greek Village on Hollywood Blvd. Also belly danced in Las Vegas, San Francisco...

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