BirthdayJanuary 1, 1920
BirthplaceVienna, Austria

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  1. About Heinz Zemanek

    Full name: Heinz Zemanek
    Also known as: Heinz Zemanek, Zemanek, Heinz
    Education: Vienna University of Technology
    Professions: Austrian computer pioneer

  2. Heinz Zemanek Death information

    Died: Wednesday, 16th of July, 2014 (Age: 94)

  3. Heinz Zemanek Biography

    Heinz Zemanek (1 January 1920 – 16 July 2014) was an Austrian computer pioneer who in 1955 developed the first complete transistorised computer on the European continent. The computer was named Mailüfterl — German for "May breeze" — in reference to Whirlwind, a computer developed at MIT between 1945 and 1951.

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